One of the world’s longest air routes may be coming to Heathrow with reports that Qantas is considering a service from Perth to London.
The australian airline is scheduled to receive it’s first Boeing 787 ‘dreamliner’ jets next year but is planning to announce the proposed routes before the end of this year.
“A direct service between London and Perth is a distinct possibility” according to the UK’s Daily Telegraph.
The 8,800-mile route is well within the capacity of the 787-9. Emirates currently flies from Dubai to Auckland, New Zealand, a distance of 8,824 miles using the ‘dreamliner’ jet.
And the journey is likely to take around 17 hours flying time.
A non-stop flight would bring distinct advantages to the airline in terms of cost.
It would not only prove popular with passengers but would save money on landing fees and fuel.
“Passengers would be pretty jaded on arrival but it gets the journey over and done with” said one Heathrow worker.
A non-stop service from Heathrow to Sydney is a more difficult proposition. At a distance of 10,500 miles it is beyond the existing range of the Boeing 787 although there are reports that Boeing is developing a new 777 which could cover the distance.

Pictures: Qantas