BA’s parent group, International Airlines Group (IAG), will introduce high speed inflight Wi-Fi across its airlines’ shorthaul fleets from next summer, having reached agreement with Inmarsat to be the launch customer of its next generation European air to ground connectivity.
Up to 341 shorthaul aircraft will be fitted with Inmarsat’s next generation connectivity services to provide a 4G broadband network, giving customers the internet access they expect on the ground while in the air. These include 132 British Airways, 125 Vueling, 45 Iberia and 39 Aer Lingus A320 family aircraft.
Willie Walsh, Chief Executive of IAG, said: “We are giving our customers the fastest connectivity you can get on any aircraft. Having announced Wi-Fi for longhaul flights earlier this year we are now equipping our airlines’ shorthaul fleets with inflight broadband access. Connectivity is essential because it’s what our customers demand and IAG will be the first European airline group to offer high-quality air to ground Wi-Fi on shorthaul flights.”

Details of pricing will be made available nearer the launch date.