Air India has now moved all its Heathrow operations from Terminal 4 over to Terminal 2. The move, which took place on January 25, means that all eight of its daily flights will now operate out of The Queen’s Terminal alongside its fellow Star Alliance member airlines, all of which benefit from the 81 multi-airline check-in kiosks, shared baggage drop counters, and the four lounges operated by Star Alliance members Air Canada, Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines and United.

Jeffery Goh, Star Alliance’s CEO, said: “With 24 of our member airlines flying to Heathrow, the airport is served by more Star Alliance member carriers than any other airport in our worldwide network. Therefore our long term strategy for Heathrow has always been to locate all our members under the same roof. With Air India’s successful move to the Queen’s Terminal we have now accomplished this.

“Ever since we started operations from Terminal 2 at Heathrow, we have been receiving very positive customer feedback on the new facility. We are certain that the approximately 1,000 Air India passengers who will be using Terminal 2 every day will notice a significant improvement in their travel experience.

“This will especially be true for the several hundred passengers who connect between Air India and other Star Alliance carriers via Heathrow on a daily basis. They can now do this in the comfort of a single terminal, rather than using buses to transfer across the airport.”