The last ever Boeing 747 flight operated by United Airlines out of the UK departed Heathrow for the final time this morning (28 October).

Flight UA900 took off at 1025 bound for San Francisco after which it will be permanently retired from service. United Airlines announced in January that their 747 fleet would cease to operate as of November with the Boeing 777-300ER, Boeing 787 Dreamliner and the new Airbus A350 set to replace it.

Speaking to Business Insider in February, Oscar Munoz, United Airlines’ CEO, said that “You’ve got other jumbo jets out there that are being built and that a couple of people are flying. For us, we had dwindled down our fleet of 747s. They were already on a path to becoming obsolete. They have been a grand aircraft for us for a long time, but we have issues with maintenance — parts in particular. If I need a part today, I can’t get it. We stripped every airplane in the world of its parts to feed the need, and no one is making new parts for this particular aircraft because there are just not as many out there.”

Watch the last departure from Heathrow here

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