British Airways Heathrow-New York is world’s most lucrative route


The British Airways service between Heathrow and New York JFK is the world’s only billion-dollar route, according to a new analysis.

The busy, business-intensive route, generates revenues of US$1.15 billion a year, making it by far the most important in BA’s portfolio. Over 30 per cent of BA seats are either first or business class, underlining its revenue-earning credentials.

The survey, by airline analyists OAG, shows the importance of Heathrow as an airport hub and its dominance particularly compared to other European airports. No less than five of the top ten most lucrative routes involve Heathrow.

The figures are of gross revenue and don’t take into account operating costs – which can vary significantly between airlines and airports.

The top ten air routes with gross earnings 2018/2019 in dollars are:

British Airways: Heathrow-New York JFK $1,159m

Qantas: Melbourne-Sydney $861m

Emirates: Heathrow-Dubai $829m

Singapore: Heathrow-Singapore $735m

United: San Francisco-Newark: $689m

American: Los Angeles-New York JFK $661m

Qatar: London Heathrow-Doha $639m

Cathay Pacific: Hong Kong-Heathrow $604m

Singapore: Sydney-Singapore $549m

Air Canada: Vancouver-Toronto $541m


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