Heathrow to impose new heavier charges on night-time flights


Heathrow has announced a new range of fines for flights that operate overnight at the airport.

The Night Quota Period, which runs from 2330 to 0600, is designed to discourage flying between these hours in order to reduce the noise disruption experienced by local communities. Airlines that operate unscheduled flights within the night-time period will be faced with a bill five times greater than daytime charges. 

The new pricing comes after local feedback on ways to improve noise impact and complement Heathrow’s wider Noise Action Plan.

Rob Gray, Community & Stakeholder Engagement Director for Heathrow, said: “Since the 1970s, despite a doubling of the number of flights, the population significantly affected by aircraft noise around Heathrow has reduced by around 90%. We believe the number of people impacted by aircraft noise will continue to reduce as we work towards a quieter, better future for Heathrow through the use of noise envelopes and our Noise Action Plan.”


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