The traditional British Christmas – flying out of Heathrow


The traditional British Christmas is proving hugely popular around the globe with yuletide goods being air freighted at a phenomenal rate.

It is estimated that over 144,000 tonnes of Christmas cargo is being exported out of Heathrow Airport over the holiday season and much of it is destined for the United States where Hollywood loves the old-fashioned image of a traditional British Christmas.

New data reveals a surge in British Christmas goods with children’s toys, tree lighting and whiskey topping the list. But perishable food products are also being air freighted in quantity over this period.

“Countries around the world simply cannot get enough of a British Christmas and are importing the best bits of our festive traditions in growing numbers” said a Heathrow statement.

The company said that levels are around 3% higher than last year.

Top goods are: children’s toys, Christmas tree lighting, whiskey, salmon and game meat.

Heathrow’s top export destinations are in order United States, China, EU, Hong Kong and UAE.

Heathrow’s Chief Commercial Officer Ross Baker said: “Christmas is always a busy time of year for passengers as they travel to be with family and friends, but it’s also when the unseen magic of the holidays comes to life.

“Right underneath your feet on your next flight will be examples of the best of British Christmas being sent to the rest of the world.

“We’re proud to support Britain’s small businesses as they supply Christmas essentials to the rest of the world and invite you to experience the magic yourself of our 12 Exporters of Christmas.”


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