Coronavirus – the current situation


Heathrow has taken extensive steps to combat the impact of the Covid 19 pandemic with the airport remaining open to a greater or lesser degree throughout the emergency.

Despite an extensive cleaning regime and various closures, the airport is working efficiently and passengers should be able to transit through without any major problems. Most shops and catering facilities are gradually reopening. Premium lounges are generally operational with a few exceptions.

Face coverings are compulsory throughout the airport.
The biggest single difference is that two of the four terminals remain closed because of reduced passenger numbers and reduction of destinations. Terminals three and four are closed until further notice and passengers definitely need to check where they are flying from.

In general terms, everything from these two terminals has moved to terminal 2, with the exception of China Southern, Japan Airlines and Qatar which have move to terminal 5, alongside British Airways.

So happy flying. It’s a different experience but is working reasonably well in the circumstances.