Covid restrictions remain despite national relaxation

Heathrow terminal 5 door

Virtually all Covid restrictions are to be maintained at Heathrow – despite next week’s relaxation of national rules.

Mask wearing will continue to compulsory indoors along with a block on non-passengers entering the terminal buildings unless they are helping someone “who needs assistance”.
“At Heathrow, our number one priority is always the safety and wellbeing of our passengers and colleagues” says an airport statement.

“We continue to follow the advice of the UK Government on measures and restrictions required and are still working closely with health professionals and our airlines partners to safely handle flights”.

It also asks passengers to “respect social distancing where possible”.

But the continuation of restrictions has brought a mixed reaction.

One comment on Heathrow’s Facebook page says “you need to get back to normal soon and bin the muzzles”. Another  said “what a nonsense. What’s the point and how will this be legally enforced?”

Face covering will continue to be mandatory on the Heathrow Express in line with the London Underground.

A statement said it will “help keep our passengers and colleagues safe and to rebuild passengers confidence in travel”.

This week has seen a significant development at Heathrow with the reopening of Terminal 3 for use primarily by Virgin Atlantic.

Terminal 4 continues to used only for  arrivals from Red list countries.